Foster growth

The Family Peace Center provides pastoral and Christian counseling from counselors who have a formal education in biblical counseling.

Our goal is to reorient people to a person, Jesus, and not a program because we believe if you want to find peace and purpose in your life you must begin with God, who is the ultimate source of truth and wisdom.

We believe when people find their identity in Christ and understand how to handle life challenges through a relationship with Jesus that God transforms hearts to produce lasting change.

Our counselors bring an understanding and compassion experienced in their own relationships with Jesus into care for those seeking help.


You will be asked to complete intake forms and a temperament profile questionnaire, which will provide your therapist with insight needed to help you.

The intake forms and a link to the questionnaire can be emailed to you prior to your first visit, or you can complete the forms and questionnaire at your first session.

During your first session, you will be asked to describe the problem(s) you are experiencing.

We start by offering a five-session model. Often clients go beyond five sessions but experience has taught that’s a good place to start.

Throughout the five sessions, you and your therapist will work together to determine more appropriate ways to meet your spiritual and emotional needs.

If you and your therapist feel more sessions are needed after session five, your therapist will recommend appropriate next steps based on your particular needs and situation.

The goal is to help people deal with feelings in healthy ways to maintain balanced emotions and reach full potential for spiritual growth to honor and love God and love others.