Mohammed Becker - 6th - 8th Grade Winner - Prize: $300 Cash

Is God Real?

We are all humans on this Earth, but the question that some people ask is, "Is God real?" It is a question that is very hard to explain, but I will try to clearly explain my reasoning for why I believe God is real.

I believe that God is real because what are the odds that a universe like this could be created and somehow there's a planet just right to sustain humans. Even science does not have an explanation for how this universe was created. There's no way that we became the most intelligent beings on the Earth and that Earth supplies all of our needs just by chance.

Water is such a simple substance but animals and human beings cannot survive without it. The air here on earth is just right for us humans to survive. The sun keeps us warm and helps us use different types of energy, such as solar energy. The way our bodies work and how we have different organs which do different things could not have just happened by chance.

This world is too beautiful to say that this all happened by chance. It is not reasonable to say and that there is no superior being who created us and the world that we live in.

The first time I got into religion and believing that God was real was when I was about four or five years old. I saw my father praying and I asked him what he was doing and he told me. He taught me how to pray and since then I've believed in God and I will never stop believing in Him until I die.