Aaron Kajikuri - 3rd - 5th Grade Winner - Prize: $150.00 Cash

In this essay, I will write about God and attach a picture of God to explain why I think God exists.

First, I ask myself how Jesus walked on water and healed people. God gave him powers to do good stuff like be the captain and lead people to the light of Heaven. People want to remember Jesus after all these years. Now, the Bible is all over the world. If it's all over the world, it means that God is important to remember.

I ask myself how was Jesus good, so very good? That all came from God. It was love. There was a sacred star that pointed to Jesus and the three kings knew about the star because they studied about astronomy. They knew the star was special, and the star led them right to Jesus.

Secondly, people don't know where we came from, or how we came to be alive. Are we made from aliens, and we just betrayed them? I think we came from God. We can prove that we aren't from aliens because aliens can breathe in space and humans cannot.

Thirdly, I learned that not everybody gets what he/she wants. My friend's mom cannot have a baby even though she wants one. My friend's mom tried for many years and she kept praying and praying, but she never got a baby and she had to adopt a baby. That was literally for years. But other people can get a baby in a zap. Then, who gets to decide who gets that kind of precious treasure, a baby? Is it luck or is it God? It is God because God created life. A baby is more precious than $500. Say you get stabbed in the private parts. Obviously you will not be able to have a baby then. But what if you are perfectly healthy and have no problem? But you can't have a baby and your friend can? Who decides that? Someone has to. That is God.

Lastly, let's compare a shoe to watching Harry Potter. People see how awesome HarryPotter is, and forget about the important things like having shoes, which helps you to not step on rocks or get hurt. God is like the shoe because people just want to do other stuff and not pay attention to God. They'd rather watch Harry Potter and not think about God. If God went away, then there would be no Harry Potter and no nothing and the world would explode.

In conclusion, people can see God's creation, but they don't really see actual light and love. God is giving us our body to breathe and see and swim and do anything. But people don't really realize about God. When people are standing in the middle of trees, they don't realize the forest all around them. God is everywhere.

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