Celina Aguirre - K - 2nd Grade Runner Up - Prize: $100.00 in FPC Services

My name is Celina and I was born on May 20, 2011. My Mom and Dad told me this was the day right before some man predicted that the world was going to end.

My essay is about a question that I always asked myself and that Is, how do I know that Jesus is real? I sat down and really thought this over and I came up with these 3 reasons:

  • The bible

  • He created the world

  • He created humans

I know you might be thinking how did He do all those 3 things and please explain so that I can also believe that Jesus is real.

Every Sunday I go to VOX church in Bridgeport CT with my dad. I sit and hear the praise music and I hear them pray. After that all the students go down to the children's ministry and I learn more about the Bible. When I am there I hear them read the word of God and I ask myself how God actually created this beautiful but yet so confusing book for us children to know and understand. That book is the Bible.

I have my own Bible and I always hear my mom tell people her favorite verse from the bible. Jeremiah 29:11 This verse says that "I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I asked my mom why that was her favorite verse and she told me "princess it's because God has a plan for me and I pray every day that the plans that he has for me are to see you always happy and healthy." She said that when she feels sad or like she can't keep going she can hear God telling her that she is His daughter and to remember He has a plan for her so keep pushing and keep seeking Him. So that is why that's her favorite verse. I really don't have a favorite verse but every Sunday I hear many new verses and I truly enjoy them.

Jesus also created the ground that I walk on and the air that I breathe. My mommy and daddy tell me to always say thank you for giving me one more day of life and a good healthy day. As I look around at the blue sky I also see trees and birds, I see grass and I feel the cool air in the morning. That's God tool Many people might think that it is science but I don't think so because God made this all possible.

I watched a movie called Noah's Ark. This movie was funny but it made me realize that Jesus is so real because he gave this guy a calling and a vision to what was coming his way. Noah listened to God and saved 2 of every animal he could flnd. He also built his very own Noah's Ark to save each animal. So, when the storm came everything got flooded and many animals died except those animals that were inside of Noah's Ark. This is another reason why I believe that God created the world that we all live In.

Lastly, He also created me and you. I look at my family and I say wow! I have a pretty big family! I know we all don't have the same size family, some bigger and some smaller.

I asked my Dad "why do you play the piano and how do you know how to play so many instruments?" He told me that he was created and put on this earth to play the piano and a lot of other instruments. My Daddy also said that I was created with my very own skills too! I still have so many questions about what my Dad told me so instead I just asked Jesus to show me that He was real.

One day I saw my teacher come in and she was really sick. Her name is Mrs. Deshotel, she had a really big Infection on her face and around her eye. I came home and I started to pray for her every night. I said God, Jesus if you are real please help heal my teacher from that infection that she has. At first, I expected my prayer to be answered right away but I saw that her eye was still the same. I kept praying for her eye and now it is almost all better. This is how I know that Jesus is real because He heard my prayer for her.

So as you may see I ask all the questions I can about Jesus and then I connect the dots. I have also had my own encounter with Jesus. I asked Him if He was real to please make it known and he sure did it for me. I know that He will never leave me or my family. So, these are my reasons, the Bible, He created the world and He created ME!!! I pray that you have a chance to believe that He is real too.