Eddie Deshotel - K - 2nd Grade - Winner - Prize: $50.00 Cash

The way God exists is without God nothing would exist, not even dinosaurs and pterosaurs and wooly mammoths or saber tooth tigers and wooly rhinos and giant deer and other prehistoric mammals. All animals came from God. Even humans even your three Guardian Angels even the planets.

Did you know God even controls time? One time I told one of my three Guardian Angels to protect me from nightmares; it worked.

And did you know that God even created Leonardo DaVinci? Did you also know Leonardo DaVinci is one of the world’s smartest humans in the world?

My mommy said, “The way that I believe God exists is when I look at the incredible variety of all things around me. It is amazing for me to see how different each of our children are. When I look at the beautiful creation I can’t help but feel inspired by each unique personality displayed in each living thing. I believe this is how not only God’s creativity but also his love.”

When I asked my daddy why he thought God exists, this what he said: “When I look at my children and see how amazing they are as unique people but also as copies of my wife and I, I can only conclude that God exists.”

The way God exists is without God everything would die only leaving God, not even continents would exist not even earth. Who made all that stuff? God. Not even aliens if they were real. All of that stuff was made by God. Even the saints were made by God.

When I asked Alex how God exists this is what he said: “I believe that God exists simply because there are some things in life that cannot be explained any other way.”

When I asked my auntie this is what she said: “God exists because there’s proof in nature that there is a bigger creator behind everything like animals and trees and plants, that’s how I know.”

God even knows how to order all the animals from smallest to biggest like flea to whale.