Maya Sawaki - 3rd - 5th Grade Runner Up - Prize: $200.0 in FPC Services

I am going to write an essay about why does God exists in my opinion.

First, some people say they don’t believe in God because they can’t see God. Well I still believe that anything you can’t see can still exist. For example, we cannot see air but it still exists. It is because we can breath air. Another example is gravity. We can’t see gravity. But gravity is real because everything is not floating.

Second, I will explain my experience how God exists. For example, I gave a pencil to my friend in 3rd grade and I got something good back. The other experience is when I got lost once. I was very scared but then I said quietly I hope I could find my parents. And then, there was someone walking past me. I said excuse me can you help me find my parents? And he said yes. And I told him my dad has a green jacket with glasses on. Then he found my dad. And I think God wanted me to ask someone to help me because I was scared.

Third, once my brother was very sick at Japan in sumer vacation. I prayed. My dad couldn’t come with us. So after a few days my brother was sick but he got better after. And he didn’t have a fever or a cough.

This is why I think God exits in my opinion.