ABOUT - Kids Life Group

Inspire hope.

Kids Life Group teaches 1st through 8th grade children the biblical foundation of God's commitment to relationship. Kids will learn how to have a personal and loving relationship with God and the people He has placed in our lives.

Each pillar of the Family Peace Center (Kids, Counseling, Development Programs) focuses on building healthy relationships with a “Be R.E.A.L.” mindset. In other words, we teach people how to be Respectful, Encouraging, Accepting and Loving to others with our words and actions. 

We also teach kids how to deal with disappointments and we demonstrate how to be peace makers vs. peace breakers. 

Kids Life Group provides a safe and nurturing environment for kids to build healthy relationships. Every class starts with the kids and leaders sitting in a circle while each person takes a turn to share something (anything - happy or sad) from their heart.

We ask everyone to look each other in the eye when they speak to encourage authentic, R.E.A.L. (respectful, encouraging, accepting and loving) conversations and experiences.

Each child enrolled in the kids ministry receives a personalized “love jar” and heart journal. Children are encouraged to write personal reflections in their heart journal at any time during the class.

The love jar contains a personal prayer and blessing from the teacher and kids are encouraged to fill the other student’s jars with notes of support and encouragement as they learn about their classmates throughout the program.

Kids take their journals and jars home at the end of the program as a keepsake and reminder of the bonds that they made with other students.